Digital technology

I implemented a custom WebSocketAppender for log4j. Log messages were escaped using String.escapeHtml4, newlines were replaced with <br>.
Depending on the log level, messages where printed in bold (WARNING) or in red (ERROR or FATAL).
Events that were considered a problem that needs the user's attention were explicitly stored in a collection, and written to the websocket at the end when the program was done.



The configuration is done in the file "server.xml" (it is in the installed server's config directory, which you can find under "Servers" in your project explorer in Eclipse), in the element "Resource" (under element "GlobalNamingResources").


Use Google Analytics which is one of most popular traffic tracking tool on the web. First create or sign in to your Analytics account and add the tracking code on your site (two snippets of code onto every page of your website). GA provides individual tracking ID that tells GA to send analytics data to you. On every page of your website you can use tags which you can trigger to send data you choose to google analytics which analyses this data (For example it can be a purchase of ebook, then you know when it was bought, which user bought it and where user was before it).
Remember to take consideration new GDPR regulations when adding this functionality to your website.

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