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One of the things you need to know about hosted network created in that way that it is a temporal network, so each time you put your laptop to sleep or restart it you need to restart your hosted network again. If you need to do that often it could be useful to write the starting command in the batch file (file with extension .bat) and then just run it in administrator mode. If you see the error that the hosted network cannot be started, the most common reason could be that the virtual internet adapter you have created is now disabled for some reason. To solve that issue you need to navigate to your Network adapters and enable your virtual internet adapter (Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport or something like that). If you cannot find it at all, try to restart your normal WiFi adapter (disable and then enable it). After you must be able to see your virtual connection and to start your hotspot with your command

Cannot start Hosted Network

I have created a hosted network on my laptop in order to be able to share an internet connection between my laptop and smartphone and it worked very well. Unfortunately, sometimes I cannot start the network. I am running the command ┬źnetsh wlan start hostednetwork┬╗ but I am getting the message that the hosted network cannot be started, the group or resource is not in the correct state. But sometimes it works without problems. What could be a reason for such kind of behavior?

Unfortunately it is impossible to connect the mobile phone directly to the internet, using only a wire connection to the laptop. The possible solution, that could be useful, is to make your laptop itself as a WiFi access point. Here is some short example how to do that on Windows. First of all you need to check if the WiFi network adapter in the laptop supports the so-called Hosted Network mode. To do that you need to run a command-line command "netsh wlan show drivers". If in the field "Hosted network supported" you see yes, then it is possible. Next, to actually create an access point you need to run the following commands in the command prompt in administrator mode:
-netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=WiFiName key=12345
where you may choose which name your WiFi access point will have (ssid) and your secret password to access it (key).
-netsh wlan start hostednetwork
and this command eventually starts your access point.
Now you need to open network adapter settings on your laptop, choose your LAN internet connection and in the properties,in the Sharing Tab you need to "allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" and select your created access point


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