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Use google groups

Google groups is one possibility to set up a mailing list. In addition to a simple mailing address, messages are saved online and can be view by the mailing list users. Configuration is very good and can restrict the access to content and you can configure who shall be allowed to post messages. Groups can also be private, which makes it a good tool for internal mailing lists.

How to setup your own mailing list via freelists

What do you need
--> a working email adress
--> a web browser and an internet connection

--> is the starting point
-->you have to insert the following information
Your email address:
Mailing list name. This becomes the email address that subscribers will send their posts to. It should be no more than 15 characters:

--> Do not forget to accept the terms of use (there is a checkbox in the wall of text above the input fileds)

--> click next

--> now you have to give them further information:

List Title:
List Description:
List category:
List Keywords
List Type (help)
Estimated number of subscribers:

--> the section List Type offers you 3 different types
Open: Anyone can subscribe at any time
Closed: No one is allowed to subscribe. The administrator has to add users manually, either through email, or through the web interface.
Confirm: Anyone can subscribe, but they're first sent a confirmation email that they must reply to. If they don't reply, they aren't subscribed. This helps prevent getting subscribers that didn't want to be subscribed.

--> Choose the type that fits your needs

--> Hit the "create list" button when you are finished.

--> Now wait for an email and hopefully you will get an confirmation email from

--> The mailing list is now up and working

--> Other users can join the list via or you can add them manually in your list configuration panel via


Set up your own mailing list

Communication amongs group members is a big topic for me and mailing lists offer a nice and easy way to get informations to many people. There are some free mailing list services out there but how can you get it working and which one is the best?
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