Access Disk-Image-Files with Windows (.dmg) - Solution MacDrive

Windows does not provide a built in solution to handle HFS based file systems, but there do exist some additional software tools to solve this problem.

There are tools like the commercial TransMac and HFSExplorer or dmg2img for example.
It’s quite easy, with these additional tools, to access and read the data out of such a file system. However it causes problems if you try to write or to create a data disk with such a file system. The tool MacDrive from Mediafour solves this problem and even allows you to easily create disks with an HFS format. This tool works great as an interface between Windows and Mac (mounting Mac partitions, read, write, …).

Access Disk-Image-Files with Windows (.dmg)

Mac OS X uses its own file system for image files (HFS, HFS+). Files/Drives with this file system cannot be accessed under Windows. The same problem occurs with Disk-Image files that are used by Mac OS X to bundle data and burn them to an external data disc. Under Windows there is no built in solution to handle with these HFS based file systems.

Restart Plug & Play Service

If Services can't be activated anymore, they can be restarted by using Registry Editor.

1. Find out the name (or a part of it) of the specific Service (in Service Manager)
2. Start Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
3. Browse to branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Services
4. Search the specific Service there and open the folder.
5. Set "Start" Property to value 2 (=Automatic Start)

After Windows Reboot the Service will be started! This solution also works for other critical Services if normal access is not possible anymore.

Windows Services can't be started or stopped anymore

If vital Main Windows Services are deactivated it may happen that you don't have some function available anymore. These are services/functions like Internet Access, Network Setting, Hardware Settings, Update Center, Installations or Service Manager. The most critical problem here is the Service Manager. This problem is caused when you shutdown the "Plug & Play"-Service which is needed for starting and stopping other Services. It gets even worse if you find out that it is also not possible to fix this problem by system restore or also protected mode.


Create personalized Templates for Open Office for business letters in Windows

Business letters often need in addition to the company logos and information, some personalized information about the user which is writing and or sendig this letter. Such information would be, the name, telephone number, email adress and so on. There is a function in Microsoft Office which offers such a solution. It is possible to show 'document variables'. These variables can be filled with data take from the registration with VBA (Visual Basic Application). Unfortunatly there is no equal function available in Open Office.

Windows XP Installer Problem

I am running Windows XP Home Edition on my computer. After I installed the operating system, it works properly and without problems. Every now and then, sometimes after 2 weeks, sometimes after 3 months, my Windows XP Installer gets damaged. Unfortunatly I can't make out the reason. I already tried to set the system back to a system restore point but it didn't work. By meaning the Windows XP Installer gets damaged i mean, if I try to install programs with the Windows-Installers the message: "Windows Installer service could not be accessed. Contact your support personnel to verify that it is properly registered and enabled" occurs. This occurs for each programm i try to install, which are using the Windows Installer, every other program with own install routine works fine. Unfortunatly a restart of the computer as well as redownloading the installer file does not work. I would be glad to get a working Windows Installer or an other way to install programs using the Windows Installer without reinstalling my operating system every time.

Run JRubyOnRails App as a windows service

I try to manage to deploy a JRuby on Rails App as a windows service using Mongrel as Application server. With Ruby this is straight forward using the gem mongrel_service (see but the jruby mongrel does not support this feature. Has anybody an idea how to manage this with JRuby? Thanks in advance!


How to restore Windows system if something went wrong

I have faced this problem many years ago and first time I just reinstalled the whole operation system. Then I found much easier and simple solution. However I still meet a lot of people (especially not computer science students) that don’t know how to solve this without reinstalling the whole system.

Windows SBS2003 Drops Internet Connection

I administrate a small (1 server, <10 clients) network where I deployed a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard as domain controller, DNS / Exchange / WSUS / PostgreSQL / ... server, and default gateway (2 NICs). However the internet connection is occasionally dropped. There is no specific behaviour identifyable for it to occur - neither some specific action nor time (sometimes it happens after a few days, sometimes multiple times a day). After the connection has been dropped, someone must log into the server, disable the offending NIC, enable it again and everything is fine until the next failure. Alternatively one could restart the server, but it has the same effect and also disrupts internal activities. The internet provider (Inode) was not able to help, as they insisted their side of the network was working fine. The company urgently requests a fix as it is both cumbersome for them and there is only one person who has the login credentials to the server and knows how to administer the (current) fix.


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