Check if a file or link is harmful

Upload your file at . You will retrieve classifications of many different anti-virus-scanners for that file. Important Note: If your file is not classified as harmful by any anti-virus-scanner that does not mean that it really is harmless.

To do a detailled analysis of your file or link, use or You will have to wait some minutes for the result but you will get much information about your file or link.

Check if a file or link is harmful

You downloaded a file and you do not know if you really should execute this file. You know that the classifications of your local anti-virus-software are not always correct and you want to analyse the file manually or at least get classifications of other anti-virus-software-products for this file. You got that interesting link on facebook and you don´t know if you should click on it. You want to check if this link is dangerous.

How to restore Windows system if something went wrong

I have faced this problem many years ago and first time I just reinstalled the whole operation system. Then I found much easier and simple solution. However I still meet a lot of people (especially not computer science students) that don’t know how to solve this without reinstalling the whole system.
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