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You also can use google and yahoo search engine.
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How to create a customized Yahoo Calendar within your PHP form

During the implementation of a project for my current employer i wanted to add some "glamour" to my web-forms. A big part of the project is to add a lot of data into a database. To make that a little bit easier i wanted a date picker, so that someone does not always have to switch between mouse and keyboard (which takes quite long for unexperienced users). There are a lot of calendar applications out in the web, and there are also some solutions how to implement such applications by your own, but who wants to invent the wheel a second time? I chose the Yahoo Calendar. It has great functionality and a huge potential to personalize the calendar. Luckily i attendet the lecture "Usabilty Engineering" at the same time, so i thought about "efficiency", how to make my calendar more easy to use, more comfortable than others. So i decided that my calendar should pop up, when the user clicks in the date-field within the web-form and it should disappear when the user enters something via the keyboard or clicks somewhere else on the webpage. In addition i wanted the calendar in german, which also needs quite a lot of typing, for all settings to be edited.
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