Java throws NullPointerException - No stack trace

My java applcation is throwing a NullPointerException on some data. The applications is multithreaded application that takes data as input, processes it and sends it. On some of the data I get a NullPointerException , but no stack trace. After investigating them I did not see a difference between the data that causes NullPointerException and the data that doesn't. The only difference I get is that when the NullPointerException occurs the application has a high load.

Launching apps that aren't registered with Apple

Years ago as I got my first MacBook I encountered a problem of launching programs from unidentified developers on a Mac. Opening trustworthy and familiar programs from the internet was not a problem, but as soon as I wanted to try something less known or from a less known source, I got the error window saying that it is not possible to open a program from unidentified developer. Back then it wasn't so self explanatory to me how to handle this issue, nor it still is to many of my friends.

Multiple websites on a single host with Docker

It is not possible to run multiple web applications in Docker at the same time. Since all of them use port 80, only one Docker instance is accessible.

Searchable Tagging for movies

i was tired of searching to a not very helpful folderstructure to find the movie or the group of movies, i was searching for. so i thought about ways to get better access.

Study organisation

Especially if you are affected by a curriculum change, it could be hard to find out which courses you should attend. There can be multiple constraints: - already "used" courses for a bachelor study - courses being available in multiple catalogs. Since not every "change in practice" of a curriculum results also in an update of the curriculum document (changes of course names, courses never held etc.), someone also has to check for updates on other places (e.g. regularly. So first you will have to find a legal compilation of courses. Tthen, when you finished the courses, you may want to find a combination resulting in ideal average grades. Although there is a system for study organisation installed at the TU Vienna (TUWIS++) it doesn't support the filing of a curriculum isn't supported at all. Even if it would there would remain the fact, that someone can't trust the curriculum data in TUWIS++ because of missing (or even conflicting?) data. So my question: What would be a handy and convenient way to organize a study and support someone filing the study at the end?
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