Automated tagging of newly created content on a Drupal platform

When you ask several people which tags they would use for a given text you might get several different opinions and also several very similar keywords. To avoid that and to ensure the sensible and consistent tagging of content an automated solution could be helpful. In addition it would also provide tags in the case that a user doesn't want to specify them.

Searching tagged content in TechScreen

I have tagged content in TechScreen (solutions, challenges), and after some time now want to get an overview. It should be possible in a simple way to browse content in Techscreen by - getting a list of all tags, or my own tags - selecting one of this tags and get a list of the content having a certain tag Currently I see only the possibility to select a tag from the tag cloud (which is very large).

bayesian classifier, rails

a small cms system written in rails in which abstract for meetings, events, discussion or stored. in addition to being able to tag the content, the system itself should able to find appropriate tags/classifications for a text based an a bayesian classifier

searchable tagging with nautilus tags-tab extension

my solution for tagging files in ubuntu version 7.10 is the following:

first you have to install the python-nautilus package:

sudo aptitude install python-nautilus

then you have to download “tags-tab”-extension ( http://svn.gnome.org/svn/tracker/trunk/python/nautilus/tracker-tags-tab.py )and move it to .nautilus/python-extensions, and you should make the .py and .pyc files executable, without that it didnt work.
then restart Nautilus:
Alt+F2 and type in killall nautilus

now you can start tagging files and folders. Simply right-click on the item you want to tag, go to the “Tag”-tap and insert your tags.
now you can setup searchfolders, go to nautilus click on the search button and type:
Then go to File->Save search


Searchable Tagging for movies

i was tired of searching to a not very helpful folderstructure to find the movie or the group of movies, i was searching for. so i thought about ways to get better access.
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