A TeX-Package for easy formmaking

first i tried it using my normal TeX. But with the standard TeX-packages thats not really possible, because there is no easy way to make, lets say check boxes.
so i searched the web and after a few not so sucessfull tries with other packages and tools, i came across the AcroTEX Bundle eForm Support from D.P.Story http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/acrotex.zip
which also offers support for various other interactive things you can think of.
This package supports almost all things you need for form, like check boxes, button fields, text boxes, usw. the only thing, i would like, which is not supported are signature lines.
i am currently trying out farious features the packages offers and i am so far happy with the results.


to make a "formularvorlage" with TeX

i would like to produce the forms, i have to create for work using TeX.


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