windows vista

Ways to make a Windows Vista PC faster

1.) In System Preferences > System > Advances Settings
- Turn off graphical gimmicks
- Set a manual, fixed size of virtual memory to a value of about 2 * size of RAM. This reduces disk fragmentation.

2.) In System Preferences > Power: configure the laptop for maximum performance

3.) In System Preferences > Graphics: Turn colors down to 16 bit to take load off video card.

4.) Leave the laptop turned on for a few hours without doing anything. It will download all the updates, once they are installed, it will leave you alone and run much smoother

5.) Start > Run > "msconfig", turn off startup programs that are not required (e.g. itunes, laptop-manufacturer-nagging-tools, java updater, etc.). Turn off services that are not required (hard too find!)


Windows Vista PC is too slow

A colleague approached me to tell me that his 4 year old Laptop got very slow and asks for help.

How to enable Administrator account in Windows Vista

You may need to access the elevated Administrator account to access other user accounts to backup files in case of a failure. In Windows Vista, if you need to access the Administrator account built into Windows, you don’t have to boot into Safe Mode to do it.
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