using typo3 4.x plugins in flow3

flow3, the new php based application framework of the typo3 team, was just released in version 1.0. is there any way to use the currently existing typo3 plugins built for the typo versions 4.x in an application based on flow or at least to port them in a way that they can be used within the new framework?

Joomla Log-In not possible because of wrong timeout

In the administrator backend of a Joomla-Installation I've changed the timout for the administrator for a session to a very high value so that there is no danger to exceed that time whenever the administrator is logged in. After logging of and trying to log in the next time I wasn't able to do so because of timeout and I needed to log in to change it back or to a lower value than I did the last time.

How to detect the country of the website visitor in Drupal

<p>We want to detect the country of a website visitor in Drupal in order to redirect the user automatically to a specific page according to its country (or to compute the correct lanuage&nbsp;or currency for the current user)</p>

Building a web site with a ready html or css template in Typo3

<p>Typo3 is a most used CMS (Content Management System). Its easier for a non-technical person a web site building with Typo3. It is needed only a template for building a web site. We can either make a template for a web site by ourselves with Typoscript or use a ready template. Its actually needed a few Typoscript even though we have a ready template. But that is not so much. When we have a few knowledge to build a web site , we can come through this problem. The hardest thing is taking a step, but than we are in comfort.</p>

Entering a wrong Worpress blog URL

If you running a wordpress blog on your own webspace, you have to enter the blog and wordpress URL under Admin Control Panel -> Settings. If you later change this address to a wrong one, your blog will not be working fine anymore. And since you entered the wrong URL you cannot login to the ACP, thus you can not change anything back. What's the key to get your blog running again?

Connecting an Authentication Server to a Drupal Content Management System

For my Ph.D. thesis I need a community portal, which supports students to share their experience about internet technologies. It turned out, that the content management system Drupal is a perfect fit to fullfill the given requirements. As usual for a content management system, Drupal also has its own user management function. This means, that students have to register before they may produce content on the portal. Although TechScreen is a software system on a prototype level, it is yet hosted on a server inside the TU computer network. Therefore it is expected to provide a login procedure, which makes use of the students TU credentials. So the big question is, how to connect the TechScreen system to the TU authentication server.
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