Windows Service

Running a war as a Windows service

For a project a web service packaged as a war file had to be run on a server as a windows service. To be able to do the easily a third party tool was used: In order to make this possible first the service has to be created: //CMD// nssm install SERVICE "PATH_TO_JAVE_EXE" "-jar service.war" //CMD// And then to let the service be run it is important to tell the service the directory the service has to run in, by: //CMD// nssm set "SERVICE" AppDirectory "PATH_OF_WAR_FILE" //CMD//

Starting glassfish with a Windows service

Glassfish is a Java Enterprise Edition application server. If it is installed on a windows server it is necessary start it automatically, for example after a maintenance reboot. To achieve this goal the glassfish startup process has to be performed with a windows service.
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