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Securing Wireless Network: WPA/WPA2

This Challenge explains how to configure WPA/WPA2 encrypted security on NETGEAR wireless routers. It can also be applied to NETGEAR access points. It should help in case you lost or are unable to use the Router Configuration CD. I will also provide default Password for NETGEAR Devices.

mobile access point

<p><p>You don't call yourself a proud owner of a data connect card but found yourself several times in the need to go online with your notebook without any hotspots or wired internet connections nearby. Your data connection on your cell phone is quite fast, even faster than your cell phones CPU is able to utilize. And of course you don't always carry your connect cable with you around. How can we quickly connect to the phone and use the data connection?</p><div><br /></div></p>

configure an access point

<p>Last time I wanted to install / configure my wlan router at home. Because I have never done it, it was a really challenge for me. However I did it.</p>
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