Install Egit on remote client

I have a description how to install Egit on Eclipse on a client. According to the description I have done the following: .) started Eclipse .) selected Help -> Install New Software ... .) In "Work with:" selected "--All Available Sites--" .) in the filter field entered "egit" Nothing to select appears as the client is obviously not connected to the site. There might be the following solution, but I could not try it up to now: .) Get the addressof the site with the software. .) If this can be used in the "Add ..." function, I might have done. .) Otherwise I perhaps can download the software to a local directory and use this directory an the "Add ..." function.

download whole website

A small company with a pretty old website. They outsourced the administration of the site and only have access to the content via web interface, so no database, ftp etc. login data is available anymore because the company, to which the administration was outsourced is no more and the login data was lost. A new website will be put in place and they want to old website to stay in a subdomain, just static html pages are enough for this purpose. The goal is to download a whole website incl. all graphics, documents etc. without following external links to other sites for backup and archive reasons. scriptable solutions preferred (no gui apps)
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