Streaming API, extend the StreamListener() to customise the way we process the incoming data, based on a certain #hashtag in Twitter.



How to Aggregate the Tweets by User

Hot to Keep the connection open and gather the upcoming tweets, when using the Twitter API for mining Twitter Data with Python.

An interactive map requires to save a lot of vector tiles for each zoom level and location. These tiles include, for example, information about streets or the terrain. As these vector tiles are available as open-source version I first planned to host them on my own server. However, due to the size of these tiles (hundreds of gigabytes), this would have required a lot of resources and computing power and exceeds the budget of any small project.

As I was looking for alternatives, I found several map services, which host these tiles and offer them over their API. I finally chose Mapbox, since it allows 50,000 free map loads per month, which is perfect for smaller/hobby projects. Furthermore, it offers a lot of additional features (e.g. dynamical data display, tooltips), which I was able to make use of.


Simple and inexpensive way to integrate an interactive map into a website

I once had to implement an interactive map for a website, which had to display dynamical weather data. As it was a rather small project without the access to expensive resources, it needed to be relatively fair priced. Is there an easy and inexpensive method to implement such a project?

How to add a newsletter customer to MailChimp

It has to be easy to add users to a list which can be used to send newsletters. Modern newsletter campaigns are generated through tools like MailChimp, Amazon SES etc. So the challange is to the information about a user into a foreign system.

Display a local public transport route by using the Wiener Linien API

The core problem of this challenge is the proper formulation (encoding) of the request and the correct interpretation (decoding) of the server-response. Another problem is the sending and the receiving of the XML-files with a server-side scripting language such as PHP.

programming with OWL API

-What is OWLAPI -Why we need OWL API -How can we use OWP API -Example

Paypal Integration

Paypal offers an easy way to integrate payments into web applications. Anyone, with a paypal account, can use the developer tools and integrate this into a website.

There are different methods of integration available. For simple tasks, like donations or selling of single products, there is an online button generator available. The generated button lets a customer pay a certain amount and can be inserted into the HTML code of the website.

For more complex tasks, paypal offers APIs. There is a simple Name-Value Pair (over HTTP) based version and a SOAP based version available. For both there are is large amount of sample code in Java, PHP and .NET, as well as a detailed Reference available.

There are no monthly fees or setup fees to maintain a paypal account. For less than 2.500 EUR per month the transaction fees are 3.4%. If the sales volume increases, there are certain lower fees available.


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