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Firefox uses profiles to manage personal data like logins. In order to create profiles besides the default one you can use the Profile Manager by opening "about:profiles" in the address bar. If you often find yourself switching between different profiles you might find the plugin Firefox Multi-Account Containers useful. It allows to color code tabs belonging to a profile to help telling them apart.

Chromium and Google Chrome also allow to use multiple profile in the same browser instance. A straightforward way to make use of that is the plugin SessionBox.

Open Remote Tabs

Nowadays, there are many different browsers available. Sometimes we want or have to change between them because every browser has its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, at work, people often use a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) than at home (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). Now, when coming home, there should be an easy way to re-open the tabs they had open at work or simply at a different location. Every modern browser allows to open many tabs. However, it is not easy to move these tabs from one browser to another. Challenge: <ul><li>Find an <strong>easy</strong> way to open tabs in the browser of your choice that you recently opened in another browser.</li><li>Choose at least <strong>two</strong> different browsers to work with.</li><li>This should also work when the remote browser is already closed.</li></ul>

Synchronize web browser bookmarks

<p>Since there are several different web browsers on the market, the need may arise to synchronize ones bookmarks throughout the different browsers, without having to do so manually. The question is, how to do this in an easy and clean way, so that even beginners can handle the task.</p>
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