It might be possible 1) to also make use of a proxy server, configuring it appropriately in your operating system or in your browser. There are also some free public proxy servers, which are rather slow. Another potential solution is 2) to use one of the so-called DNS redirectors. Be also aware of possible resulting breaches of the respective law :)

Using Browser Configuration
The process to solve this from happening again had two steps.
1. Clear Browser data. Using Google Chrome (my case), in the “Clear Browser Data”, there are plenty of options: password settings, browser history and cookies controlling the ads, which we want to delete.
2. Block Cookies using the browser settings configuration.
These steps solve the problem in a short-term basis, however many pages do not allow navigation unless cookies are activated. Nevertheless, even if the general settings block cookies, they can be activated individually in those websites which require it.

Browser cookies history

The problem I faced was due to recurrent searches about the same topic. I spent 3 days looking up transport tickets from city A to city B for date D, and used several travel service web pages (skyscanner, goEuro, kiwi…). Even after I had booked and payed my tickets, I was constantly seeing adverts related to trips from city A to B, transport companies with best pricing, other trips on date D and many other topic-related adverts. These pages (mostly every website) use cookies, and even if you do not accept them, by continuing with your navigation, you’re indirectly accepting them.

Changing tab names in Chrome using the Plug-in "Rename This"

The Plug-in "Rename This" is a very simple plug-in that allows an user to rename tabs. Once installed, a button is added next to the address line. At a click a textbox is displayed that allows the user to enter a new tab name, which is updated automatically.

change default search engine

do this by setting "" to the engine of your choice
enter the configuration by entering "about:config" in your address bar.


How to stop pop-up or pop-under Internet ads?

How to prevent pop-up or pop-under advertisings in different browsers

Browser language

Sometimes you find yourself on a computer with a german operating system but you want your browser to find/request english websites or vice versa.

Validate html code

To be certain of a good representation of a homepage in different common browsers, it is necessary to validate the code.

How to enable Java in Firefox 3.6

Since Firefox 3.6, the option box to enable Java (not javascript) in Preferences->Content is disappeared. Now, the question is: how to enable Java content pages in Firefox 3.6 or later? Because, on one side sometimes there is an important site for us that need Java. And in another side, some of us prefer to use Firefox (than any other internet browsers) and do not want to change our default browser to any other browsers.

DivX plugin for watching movies online

I have to download DivX plugin for web browsers to solve this problem. DivX Plug-ins allow you to play games, browse maps, stream IPTV , watching movies and much more.


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