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How to add an entry to Google Maps?

Google Maps is a desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, offering satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives. For small, as well as big businesses, it is important to ad an entry to Google Maps, in order to increase their visibility or improve rankings, as well as to receive feedback from customers. How is it possible to achieve that?

integrate a Google Map into a Website using JSF

The Challenge is to implement a Google Map into a Website. The should be option to add a mark on the map using for example the address or the latitude and longitude.

Draw lines and points with popup on google maps

I had to draw multiple points on a map from google maps, that represents stations. These points should show some information when clicked, like name etc. Additionally i had to draw a line between two stations, which represents the power cables that connects them. On an web-interface the user can search stations by different criteria, for which then i can fetch the coordinates.

Embed Google Maps to Website

<p>Embed Google Maps to a Website. Show website visitor where Vienna UT is.</p>
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