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<p>On an website which offers pictures exists the problem that there are pictures tagged with short words which are are also a part of other words which have nothing in common with the original word, e.g. "Ei" - "Eimer" or "Affe" - "Giraffe" and other words where the words have a relation, e.g. "Ei" - "Osterei" or "Bahn" - "Eisenbahn".</p><p>&nbsp;The user shall have the possibilty to enter a word (or a various words) for which he wants to find pictures related with this word. Obviously he shall find the pictures he is looking for and not different ones. In case of doubt he shall find more pictures than less but not an extreme amount of pictures which have nothing to do with the word he entered. In this case the search would be useless.</p><p>&nbsp;In addition the systems does not only search in the tags, it also searches in the descriptions and titles of the pictures.</p><p>PS: Ei means egg. Eimer means bucket. Osterei means easter egg. Affe means monkey. Giraffe means giraffe. Bahn means train. Eisenbahn means train, too.</p>
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