Write an executable bash-script

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De/activate touchpad on linux

The script goes as follows
xinput set-int-prop 'name_of_device' "Device disabled" 8 0

to disable the touchpad or
xinput set-int-prop 'name_of_device' "Device enabled" 8 1

to enable it (replace name_of_device with the name of your device, keep the ').
The scripts should be saved as a .sh files at a location of convinience.
To find the name of the device to dis/enable write
xinput --list
into a terminal. Now identify the right device.
To be able to easily execute your file maneuver to its location with the terminal then write
chmod +x filename
where filename is the name of your file.
From that point it is enough to type
into the terminal at the file's location.

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Copy files and preserve folder structure

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AutoComplete input box

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