Install Egit on remote client

I have a description how to install Egit on Eclipse on a client. According to the description I have done the following: .) started Eclipse .) selected Help -> Install New Software ... .) In "Work with:" selected "--All Available Sites--" .) in the filter field entered "egit" Nothing to select appears as the client is obviously not connected to the site. There might be the following solution, but I could not try it up to now: .) Get the addressof the site with the software. .) If this can be used in the "Add ..." function, I might have done. .) Otherwise I perhaps can download the software to a local directory and use this directory an the "Add ..." function.

Write a non-clickable URL in Wiki-Markup.

A URL is needed in a documentation which is written in Wiki-Markup language. The URL is used as a unique identifier and no resource is available at the pointed address. Therefore it should not be clickable.

Search engine and user friendly CodeIgniter URLs

<p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-US">CodeIgniter is a PHP based programming framework which implements the model-view-controller paradigm. All HTTP requests have to pass the central index.php file (provided by CI) which initiates the framework controllers to load the views and render a site. So it is not possible to directly call a specific site by entering its URL. To open a specific site the according controller has to be called by passing its name as HTTP-Get-Variable to the central index.php. As a consequence every HTTP request is redirected to one single file and the URLs always contain variables which make them search engine and user unfriendly.</span></p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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