virtual box menu configuration

VMDK/VMX are VMWare file formats but you can use it with VirtualBox.
- create a new Virtual Machine
- when asks for a hard disk choose "Use an existing hard disk"
- Then add your VMDK/VMX hard disk image

wm-ware on virtual box

people are offering images of a particular OS setup, and they offer it as either VMDK/VMX. But the VMDK and VMX files are always listed as being for use with VMWare.

Firefox can not be open after you install it on MaC

After you download and install Firefox on your Mac you may see the error message, "" . What to do ?

Installing an SSD + Fusion Drive into my MAC

I want to install a second hard drive in place of the optical drive and use the fusion drive technique . The operating system automatically manages the contents of the drive so the most frequently accessed files, applications, documents, photos and other data are stored on the faster flash storage, while infrequently used items move to or stay on the hard drive.

Apple's iCloud only allows iWork Documents

Apples iCloud only allows iWork documents to be saved online and to synchronize them with your iOS and Mac devices.

Java applets don't work on Mac OS X

All webpages that use Java applets show a "Missing Plug-in" error message. Safari & Firefox both don't work.

Internet Explorer on Mac OS leopard

There is no Internet Explorer available for Mac OS leopard. But sometimes it would be interesting to run it, for example to test a new homepage.
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