The only text editor that helped with this issue was NotePad++. This one actually does not save the unwanted .txt ending.


Pixlr - online picture editor

I was looking for a lot of online editors, but it was always some problem with them. Finally I found Pixlr and it works great!



Online Photoshop

I am preparing presentation on one computer in my university and I need to edit one picture. I need very advance edit and all basic pre-installed programs are not able to help me. I decide to install one of the advanced picture editing tool, but it is not possible to install any programs on this computer. It is by admin forbidden.

how to store links for later use during writing a document

when i write a paper, during the research i often have the problem, that i find a link, which looks interesting and i am sure, i will use it in my paper. but were to store it, in some structured way? preferable within the used editor.


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