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Use Phone as USB-Memory/Stick trough USB Cable

• Having a Computer that supports USB-Sticks (auto mounts it)
• Android-Phone (version Android 2.3 "Gingerbread")

1. If USB-Cable is connected disconnect it from the devices
2. Enter into Phones -> Settings
3. Under Topic “Wireless and networks” is an entry “More ...” Click it
4. Click on “USB utilities”
5. “Connect storage to PC”
6. Now connect the USB cable to the Phone and to the USB connector of the PC
7. USB drive should appear on your pc! ;)

Helpful sites :
Under the assumption “A video says more than 1000 words”:

Data transfer: Android-Phone & OS

It can happen almost anywhere, you want to transfer something from a computer to your phone or vice versa. You have your phone and also an USB-cable but you’re not at your PC where all drivers are installed you are on the go (maybe university or at a friend?). Maybe you are not even able to install drivers as you don’t have the necessary rights on the system? How can you connect your phones memory to an unknown PC that supports USB-Sticks?

Browsing on mobile phones

Browsing with your phone is not always as pleasant as using your computer. Sometimes clicking a button or selecting something from a list is not understood by the phone or require a lot of time to be processed or understood. For example when using a smart phone for reading an online comic, manga or book online, sometimes changing the chapter too fast will lead to a crash. are there tricks for fast browsing ?

sharing your data connection via tethering

 Depending of your mobile phone's operating system you can achieve this by using tethering applications. On rooted android phones as well as windows mobile devices you can use 'Wireless Tether for Root Users' respectively 'WMWifiRouter'. If you call a jailbreaked iPhone your own you are lucky too. Some tethering applications do exist for Symbian phones either.  In all these applications you should enable the strongest possible encryption mode to ensure you are the one and only using your data plan. It is also recommended to enable a notification when any device is trying to connect to your phone over WiFi. Of course you have to create an according WiFi connection and add encryption keys on your notebook.  To not exceed your data plan's limits you should use a traffic counter on the cell phone. Also it should be noted that using a 2g/3g connection and a WiFi connection at the same time the battery of your mobile device will drain fast so prepare to surf fast. 


How to be mobile with transport's schedules and purchasing transport tickets around the city Vienna using iPhone?

<p>The iPhone makes everything in life better and easier. Transport schedules and buying tickets through it are no exceptions. Just installing a right application to your mobile phone makes it happen and lets you feel like a local person no matter where you go in the City of Vienna.</p>

R3A software for taking GPS pictures

I found this software on internet , it's called R3A. I had to install the software on my mobile phone , but that was not all!I had to delete the folder (XperiaCamera) from my program, and copy the new program files there. Now every pictures that I take has GPS information inside.


Software for taking GPS pictures for Sonny Ericsson Xperia

<p>Sony Ericsson Xperia's camera&nbsp;takes photos like other handys with out navigation coordinates,&nbsp;I needed GPS photo for my navigation system,so I had to download some other software to solve this problem.</p><p>Now all I need is to take a photo of a place and the next time when&nbsp;I click on this photo the navigation system brings me there!</p>

How to configure your mobile phone as a modem to internet

Your computer don't have internet connection. Your mobile phone have. U can connect your phone to your laptop by cable, infrared port or bluetooth. How do you make your mobile phone works as a modem ?

Synchronizing Data (Lotus Notes, Adressbook, Calendar) to Nokia mobile phones

Hardware Issues: To accomplish this a usb-bluetooth adapter has been set up and installed on the desktop station. Software Issues: The software dealing with the data transfer, as well as with the synchronisation is the Nokia PC Suite. It's a free software which can be downloaded on the nokia software download side of your country. The install of the software on each personel computers worked fine, but the bluetooth connection to the mobile phone could not be established for domain users. Setting up a connection only worked for local users as well as domain administrators.
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