Transfer contacts from Nokia Phone (Symbian) to Google Phone (Android)

In the company I worked, I used Windows, Outllok and Nokia Phone N97mini. During that time I managed all my contacts at my company phone, which was used as private phone too. There is the standard tool from Nokia to synchronize contacts between Windows Outlook and the phone, called "PC Suite". In fact with PC suite there is much more possible, e.g. writing SMS messages on the PC (which is much more convinient). Unfortunately there is no such tool for the Android driven Google phone, so one cannot easily transfer the contacts stored in outlook to Android. Additionally my private computer runs with Linux, while the company computer is Windows driven. I want to transfer the contacts from my Nokia Phone to the Android-phone (Google Nexus).

synchronizing with googasync

i found googasync (, a commercial solution, which is not as cheap as i hoped (17,90), but fulfills all my expectations. it also offers a free 14d-trial version, that is fully functional, so it's easy to try the software before buying it. with googasync i can sync not only my main calendar, but also every other one and it offers quite flexilbe synchronizing profiles.


synchronizing multiple google calendars with nokia mobile

i need a pretty cheap - if possible free - solution to synchronize all my google calendars with my nokia c7. at least one of the calendars is not only used by me alone. it does not really matter if the solution also synchronizes tasks, but it would be nice.

Synchronizing Data (Lotus Notes, Adressbook, Calendar) to Nokia mobile phones

Hardware Issues: To accomplish this a usb-bluetooth adapter has been set up and installed on the desktop station. Software Issues: The software dealing with the data transfer, as well as with the synchronisation is the Nokia PC Suite. It's a free software which can be downloaded on the nokia software download side of your country. The install of the software on each personel computers worked fine, but the bluetooth connection to the mobile phone could not be established for domain users. Setting up a connection only worked for local users as well as domain administrators.
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