Access a website with a recent DNS change on Windows

Pointing a domain to a new location might turn out to be a problem, because most operating systems keep a DNS cache to speed up the resolution of frequently visited sites. If the location changes before the DNS cache is updated the web server is no longer accessible until the cache is updated again.

Examine DNS & domain settings

Making a ping request to the concrete domain returned a "unknown host example.com" message. This shows that there might be some misconfigurations concerning the DNS settings. There was some spelling mistake in the nameserver of the according domain data. Updating the Nameserver entries solved the problem. Requests again got resolved properly.


Transferring a domain to a new hosting provider

Transferring a domain is easy, but does require some preparation. Depending on the domain suffix the procedure may be different.
You can check the current registration data for your domain in the Who.is database.

If you are not the domain owner, you can ask the domain owner to handover the ownership or to request the transfer code for you.

1. Check the current status and registration details of your domain.
Before you start a transfer, please contact your current hosting provider and ask them to:
- Check the current registration details of your domain and update them if needed.
- Send a transfer code to confirm the transfer, also known as auth id, EPP code or Token.
- Remove the Registrar Lock, in case there is one.

2. Submit the transfer code to the new hosting provider.


Severals site to find out the possible issue

  • First step: Verify DNS (Domain Name Server). We want to see weather our site is on the right host. http://hexillion.com/co/
  • Next verify if you are listed in a database as a spammer
    If so you send message to annonce the mistake. Most of them will ask you for the RDS.
    In computer networking, reverse DNS lookup (rDNS) involves determining the hostname or host associated with a given IP address or host address. A good site to find out your rdns is http://remote.12dt.com/.
  • Subscribe to DNS