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Manage server restarts by (administrator) user through web interface

The (privileged/administrator) user without particular system administration knowledge and specific direct access rights to the server should be able to manage server restarts through web interface. The operating system of the server is Debian, the HTTP web server is Apache Tomcat, and the user access Java application. It should be possible that the respective user knows the next scheduled restart time, postpones or re-schedules the restart times. On the one side, it is required to allow fine-grained configuration of the exact restart times: on which dates of the month, on which days of the week, at which hour/minute, etc. On the other side, the feature should be as simple as possible: to be able to learn and to understand it within at most of ca. half an hour.

Effects for Web Pages

In the 1990s web pages were really boring because they offered only static content that did not interact with the user's actions. Nowadays, thanks to technologies like AJAX and Flash we have the possibility to enhance websites with stunning effects and interactivity. <strong>Challenge:</strong> <ul> <li>Find an easy way of adding stunning effects and interactivity to your web page.</li> </ul>

Visualizing a timeline

It is a significant value added for the user, to have a list of events or periods (time series data) not only listed in a table or similar, but to have it visualized on a time scale, providing for preattentive recognition of the time relation (time distance) between the events. Often it is not possible to illustrate the proportions in one screen-size image, which requires some interactive visualization technique, allowing for scrolling around the time-scale. Also a "bifocal" view is advisable, ie a visualization comprising both a overall view and a detail view for a selected time-period. Furthermore options regarding the boundaries, granularity of the detail view, and general display settings are needed in the authoring stage. Various input formats would be desirable, but one simple text-based and perhaps one based on XML, would be a good start.
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