List of components for transmitting button-input via bluetooth from a mobile device.

The device was supposed to be highly mobile, like a bracelet or wristband. This posed additional challenges, asi the mobile factor forced us to think about supplying the device with electricity and make it really small and portable. Since a lot of different pieces of technology suitable for this endeavour exist out there, some recherche was necessary for us to find a sensfully cheap, but practicable, small device that works well together with all other parts.

These components work well together - we tested them. The Bluefruit is especially recommendable, since it is very easy to use. For most use-cases, no programming will be necessary, since it gets detected as an ordinary HID (human interface device) by most computers and mobile phones who pair with it.


What components are needed for transmitting button-input via bluetooth from a mobile device?

Out there are a myriad of different pieces of technology exactly for this purpose. Some of them are cheap, others expensive, some are large, others are small. Some are produced professionally, others rather amateurishly. What to choose?

How to configure your mobile phone as a modem to internet

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