yahoo messenger

Install Gyachi


  • Having a Linux station
    • In this case I will describe the installation only under Ubuntu version
    • Being able to install stuff, having the necessary rights on the system.
  • Needing a Yahoo messenger with more than only chatting functionality


  1. Open up a terminal
  2. Type in “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name”
  3. Replace “user” by your username
  4. Afterwards type in your password
  5. Update the repository by typi ng : “sudo apt-get update”
  6. Type in the normal install commands your used to under Ubuntu :
  7. “sudo apt-get install gyachi”
  8. Password again ;)
  9. Use your newly installed Gyachi and enjoy functionality ;)
  10. If you cant find it under your programs in the GUI just type gyachi again in a console ;)

Useful sites:


Linux and Yahoo Messenger

You used to use Yahoo Messenger and talk to you friends through it under Windows? Also used Webcam, Voice Chatting, sharing files and other features of it ? But for some (university came up Linux became more important) or other reasons you had to change from your beloved Windows (“bazinga”) and your missing all the features of your Yahoo messenger you had once in Windowzs. How can you enable a working Yahoo messenger in linux, that provides you most of the functionality?

Put online indicator in our web page

Sometimes as an administrator or service center of a web site we would like to show whether we are online or not so that the customers know that they could contact us directly (if we are online). Or simply as an individual we would like to allow our visitor to see us whether we are online and able to receive any instant message.
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