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Get SMS birthday reminders

Beeing a lousy grandchild, I nearly forgot the birthday of my grandmother a few days ago. This happens to me serveral times a year and I always feel a bit ashamed. It’s even more annoying because I have all the birthday data of my family and close friends properly stored on my harddrive. Beeing a mac user, I use Apple’s address book application to manage my contacts and that’s also the place where all those birthday data is stored. To come to the point, I do have the right data but it’s not at the right place. Instead of a static system, where I have to manually scan my contacts every week for someone who is going to have birthday the other week, I’m looking for a much more user friendly solution. The best thing would be, if I get a text message on my mobile phone a few days before the actual birthday. In this way I would have enough time to get a present or send a postcard. E-mail would work as well but specially during the holidays, when I want to stay away from my inbox, I would prefer SMS because it’s rather pushed then pulled. An ideal solution would use the existent data from the address book application without forcing me to re-enter all my contacts or birthday data again.
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