How to see all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic of your smartphone

Sometimes it is interesting or maybe necessary to see which requests are running in the background while you are using your smartphone. This can be useful while you are writing a new application or when you want to ensure that some applications transfer their data secure.

Capturing network traffic with Python

<p> It is necessary to capture the traffic on a specific network-interface between a server and a client. Most of the messages can be ignored, but some of them should be filtered and evaluated.<br /> This depends on the message-body. </p> <p> Other requirements: <li>The network-interface should be choosable from a list of all available devices.<li>The body should be readable by a human-beings. <li>only SYN-Packages, no ACKs<li>specific IP-Adresses </p> It should run on Linux.
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