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Integrate Online Payment into Website

For different purposes it is necessary to integrate an online payment system in to an existing website. These purposes can be for the payment of registration fees, donations, membership fees, small selection of products, etc. However, in these cases a full-blown webshop solution is not needed, since the range of products is very limited and most of the webshop features, like inventory management are not needed. The existing website already features a registration-procedure and the payment process shall be integrated there. Moreover the design of the integrated parts shall be adapted to the website itself. Requirements for the customer side: * trusted system * secure (https) * support of multiple payment methods (credit cards, etc.) Requirements for the website owner * easy to integrate, with current website (typo3/php) * design and styles should be adaptable to the design of the website * easy management of incoming payments * work with an Austrian bank account Since the frequency and amount of payments is not expected to be very high, there should be no recurring fees for using the service. Fees per payment shall be as low as possible. The system should be able to handle a larger amount of payments flawlessly should the need arise at one time in the future.
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