find blocked ports with "Process Explorer"

Process Explorer is a nice tool originally developed by Symantec. It provides more in-depth information to running processes.
It shows used resources, open registry handles, open ports etc etc.
Finding out which port is blocked by which program is just a matter displaying the used port, and let PE tell you,
what program uses that port at the moment.


Problem Mapping Ports with - Thomson Speedtouch 546vX

Following steps have to be taken. 1. Accessing the router via the Browser and its IP-Address (e.g.: 2. Enter your password (if you do not now the default password (e.g.: 1234) or you have forgotten your old password reset the router) 3. Go to the network configuration site and start to create 2 mappings for the IP-Address -UDP for ports 2700-27030 -UDP for ports 28960 -TCP for ports 27014-27050 4. Now you will recognize that tough you have specified the ports your applications won't be able to connect via these ports. The issue now is that tough specified as they should they don't work. We now need a workaround (Updating the firmware does not work either).
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