Encrypt email attachment with PGP

Privacy on the Internet is a growing concern, especially as more and more people are using it for their professional and personal business, socializing, and entertainment. Information sent over the internet or by email is not necessarily secure. You don't know how many servers the message will pass through between your computer and the recipient's, or who has access to those servers.


Facebook Like-button

What's the HTML code for adding a Facebook like-button in a website ?

Using Hotspot Shield

To put it simple, Hotspot Shield is a free software that hides your IP address which means it ensures anonymity on the Internet. Not only will the user have freedom to browse all accessible websites but it will even enable him to access websites where he was previously banned from.

After installation, the user will always have the choice to turn his privacy protection "on" or "off", since being connected to Hotspot will use part of the internet bandwidth. A minimal loss compared to the speed drop that occurs when using the average proxy.

The Software will not just enable you to get access to blocked websites. Hiding the IP is also useful when connecting to the Internet via a cafe's WiFi because it will prevent potential hackers from stealing your data.

Anti Web-blocking

Many countries around the world like China or Iran do not provide freedom of Internet browsing. YouTube or news providing websites may be blocked by a government. In some cases like in Tunisia of before the revolution, even links to proxies are blocked. So how is it possible to get pass the walls of web-blocking ?

Hiding mail-adress on a website

Nowadays it is often necessary to show the e-mail-adress an a homepage. Customers should see it, but there exist programs to find out mail-adresses from web-sites to use them for spam. How can I hide my e-mail-adress from spam-bots as long as it is visible on homepages?
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