Android - synchronize all

I have to implement a “synchronize”-button in an Android app such that when pressing the button the local data is synchronized with a server. I (a beginner in this field) have to access a REST-Interface to send new data, which was generated on the app and request new data to update the local database with data from the server. The app should monitor for each database table - synchronization if something went wrong (esp. when sending data to the server-db) and immediately stop if so. The problem is that Android does not allow sending data over the network on the UI-thread so i can't just simply implement a loop there.

Subscribe events from TISS in external calendar

To publish your TISS events to an external calendar tool you need to go to your Calendar page in left side of TISS home page under "Course Cockpit" the bottom of the page you can find a button which will create a token(a link) then you can copy the link to your external calender.and also for security reason you can change your token at any time.


Getting access to TISS calendar from personal calendar tools

i have unique time schedule for myselves like work roster , university events or personal plan.but some times it's hard to manage them desperately.also i don't have access to the internet all the time.and TISS calendar is changing week by i want to have my TISS calendar in personal calendar even though i'm offline.
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