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Check if a file or link is harmful

You downloaded a file and you do not know if you really should execute this file. You know that the classifications of your local anti-virus-software are not always correct and you want to analyse the file manually or at least get classifications of other anti-virus-software-products for this file. You got that interesting link on facebook and you don´t know if you should click on it. You want to check if this link is dangerous.

Access Database 2010 Portability

There is a case with a very small company that has recently operated from a database in Access 2010 made in two layers (database programs and link to another database with the data.) They would be interested in its portability to the web. The question is: Given that the number of users are few, up to 5 or 6. Sharepoint, web services, MS Office Comunications Server 2007 ... What technology / platform would be well, to use logic layer (the program) and link the db on the server? (Customer has a Windows 2003 server and fixed IP).
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