Navigation, Predicates and Functions in XPath

<strong>Write the following XPath queries for the document finance.xml: </strong> • head of all articles between the 4th and the 9th of May • The first and the third article of Alliance & Leicester • The depth of the XML document (Hint: XPath2 usage) • Explain why the query //head[2] returns a different result to descendant::head[2], and how the results look like for this particular example file </br> <p> </strong>Get the maximum and minimum of the values in values.xml </strong> • Try first to do it in XPath1 (trick: use negation of existential comparison) • Write an XPath2 query that iterates over the numbers 1 to 12 and returns the square product of each number • Return the concatenated textual value of all the child elements of the element data in text.xml. Further, remove all non-breakable spaces that are used in the concatenated text. And normalize/trim the white-spaces finally . </p> The files <cite>finance,values</cite> can be found in the attachment.
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