How to deactivate your Facebook account

I found an easy technological way (but not psychical one), how to leave Facebook:

1) Go to Facebook (maybe, the las time :))
2) Find "Account Settings" in the right upper corner
3) Click "Security" in the left upper corner
4) In the window "Security Settings" find "Deactivate your account" - the small link after all the links, klick
5) Explain FB, why you are deliting your account, fill in check boxes, click "Confirm"

How to deactivate your Facebook account

I spend too much time on Facebook every day. I should start thinking about the things I can do this time instead. I feel that I am wasting my life away on Facebook. If someone of you has the same problem, look at my list of interests and, perhaps, one day you will change your life! Here are some things you could do instead: 1) start working if you still have not 2) get fit 3) see your friends more often 4) spend more time with your parents 5) learn a new language 6) finish uni faster 7) join online courses 8) sleep more than 5 h a day 9) read books 10) join some charity organization 11) help someone and so on......

Facebook access tokens

There is very hard to find really good structured information about how does these Facebook applications' tokens work. After a collecting huge number of information from different forums I finished this puzzle problem and I have really simple explanation:

There are two main DIFFERENT access tokens:

This token is very powerful and it gives you possibility to see all the information about this user. In the FB console application you are giving your user access token to application called "FB console" and for this reason it can show you all the personal information you want to see. This token can show you such a information only about the current user, who approve the access to this information. That's why you need to approve all the access to this console application. It looks so that you need to take care about your user access token, but the true is that this token works only few minutes and than the application need to asked for it once again.

This is not very useful and for this reason there is second type of access token.

Application access token is not so powerful, but once you created it you can use it forever. With this access token you have access to Facebook API with your application. The thing is that you cannot see all the information presented in FB console, but only the really public information, which are able to get from Facebook.


Facebook Application - access token issue

I created my FB application and I have a lot of user IDs of my friends. I want to use this application for search in my friends list by place, education .... The problem is that it is shown in the FB console test application how great it works with the access token, but it doesn't work for my application like that. I can received just very small amount of information about them.

Customizing facebook apperance and functionality

Facebook is changing the appearance and functionality of its application in constant intervals. Furthermore the company tries to provide a service which is best for the majority of users and the business interests of the company. Therefor a single user needs to make a lot of compromisses using facebook. It is possible to adjust the appearance and functionality of facebook using browser plugins.

Facebook Like-button

What's the HTML code for adding a Facebook like-button in a website ?

Check if a file or link is harmful

You downloaded a file and you do not know if you really should execute this file. You know that the classifications of your local anti-virus-software are not always correct and you want to analyse the file manually or at least get classifications of other anti-virus-software-products for this file. You got that interesting link on facebook and you don´t know if you should click on it. You want to check if this link is dangerous.
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