Change weka.ini file

Another possibility to allow WEKA to use more memory would be to change a line in the file weka.ini:
'maxheap=1024m' to 'maxheap=[...]m'. However, Windows might not let you do this. Then you can copy out the .ini file from its folder to another place (e.g. the Desktop), change it and move it back. This should work after an acknowledgement for Windows that the file can be overwritten.

Starting WEKA via CommandLine

It is possible to start WEKA via commandline and define additional parameter for the start.
For example starting WEKA via "java -jar -Xmx2048m weka.jar" would reserve 2GB memory and is usually enough for the most datasets!

Keep in mind, that this parameter depends on the avaiable memory in general!


WEKA Crash after exceeding the avaiable Memory

In the lecture "Machine Learning" I have to process different kinds of datasets and perform several machine learning techniques on them. A few classifier like tree-based ones work very good on small datasets with less attributes but doesn't on big datasets with lots of attributes. In the worst case, WEKA crashes because it exceeds its reserved memory space.

OutOfMemoryException when using WEKA 3-6 under Windows 7

Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. This software can be used by students who participate in the class "Machine Learning" at TU Wien. When the Weka-User executes memory-intesitive tasks (e.g. visualizes results of a machine learning algorithm), Weka is very likely to throw an OutOfMemoryException. As a result to the exception the software crashes. This execption is absolutely repeatable. The Weka-User will get the exception at every time he executes the sequence of operations which had previously lead to the exeception. That is why there is no way to workaround this error without having to disclaim using Weka. The OutOfMemoryException is not only limited to Weka 3-6 on Windows 7.
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