Synchronise folders between Linux server and client

I sometimes find myself in a situation where I work on one project but use several different computer systems (all of which run Linux) for that. An example would be an exercise for university which I work on at home on my PC but then take my laptop to university to discuss it with colleagues. Always keeping all the files up to date on both systems is tedious and I often forget to do so. Hence my motivation for the challenge. I have a small server at home which runs 24/7 and is also accessible from outside via SSH. I want to use that as something of a central storage unit for project folders. For that I need a system in place that automatically synchronizes selected local folders to and from that server. The synchronization should occur without me having to initialize it as I'd surely forget that. "Synchronization" in this context means that all files present in a folder on one machine should also be present in an identically named folder on the other one. If a file has a more recent modification date on one machine than on the other the more recent file should replace the older one. Tracking the changes or keeping a history of changes is not necessary. To sum it up: <ul> <li>file synchronization between Linux client and server</li> <li>no graphical user interface server side</li> <li>SSH access to server</li> <li>automated, no user input necessary</li> </ul> Regards and thanks for any input.
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