SharePoint add PDF Icon

How add PDF Icon to SharePoint?

If you are deploying Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, even if you are planning a deployment (i.e. no bespoke development, using only out-of-the-box features) there is one piece of bespoke configuration you will likely still want – the ability to index and search for Adobe PDF files. However, Adobe have made some changes to their use of iFilters and there is now a shorter and easier way that doesn’t require registry edits or resetting your web server. The following process works on my demo build for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and has been repeated for numerous clients with various different SharePoint deployments. Default names and file locations have been used here – e.g. SharedServices. If you have used different names and locations, substitute as necessary. One of the annoying things I have found using SharePoint 2007 was the inability to upload a PDF file and see a PDF icon next to the file name, this situation has not changed with SharePoint 2010 so I thought I would run through how to add an icon file for PDF and other unsupported file types in SharePoint 2010. There are vast array of different software applications being used, as an example, the entire Abode Creative suite so when a member of staff uploads a fireworks file to SharePoint there appears just a blank icon. So one of the things we have to put on the snagging list for our 2010 rollout is making sure that all the file types we use have an associated icon file appear next to the names in a document library. This is basically the same process as with 2007 apart from some path changes so.
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