Up-to-date Windows Installation Media

Microsoft only provides Windows 7 installation media with service pack 1 applied. After every new installation, you have to apply over 150 updates. This is very time consuming. Is there a way to integrate updates packages in the Windows installation disk?

Password recovery

Last summer I got a bit paranoid and created a very strong password for my laptop. I used a random generator to create an extremely strong password and for safety reasons I did not write it down. After a few weeks of vacation I forgot of course the password. I could have reinstalled the operating system but I was not in the mood to search for and reinstall all the software that I had on my laptop. I just wanted to have full access again to do some updates. The laptop did not have any other operating system installed. It had an internal DVD-driver but I was not sure if it was working or were my bland DVDs were. The BIOS was resent enough to allow booting from a USB pen drive. I also had another PC with Linux on it available.
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