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Copy text without formatting from PDF or other Rich Text source

I want to copy a text from a Rich Text source (like PDF, Word document, Notes taking app, etc), but without the formatting, so I can copy-paste like normal text.
 Most of the time when I copy text from PDF, it is copied with a lot if new lines, but I want to just make a list of technologies or quotes to use in my articles/documents. What is nice and quick way to copy formatted and paste as unformatted text, when there is no such option in the context menu?

Copy files and preserve folder structure

I have to copy a bunch of files from one drive to another. Simple Strg+C is to unreliable and has to start from the beginning, if the copy process gets interrupted. xcopy %source% %destination% has no sufficient logging options. The solution should be a command line script, to simply rerun the task.
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