If Hyper-V was manually uninstalled or virtualization was disabled, Docker for Windows will not start.
A solution is to enable the virtualization on your machine. In order to do that you have to access the BIOS, select the Intel Virtual Technology and enable the virtualization.
Save the changes and restart the computer, then Docker can be started and used for deploying.

BIOS Memory Test

Many PCs and Notebooks provide built-in memory test software.

  • turn on your computer (turn it off, before if it's on)
  • within the first seconds (start boot screen) press the Diagnostic/Setup key - ESC or F1-F12 - consult the manual if you can't find on-screen hint
  • e.g. on devices form Hewlett Packard you can press ESC an then select "Diagnostic" from the Menu.
  • optinal you can select different test runs - "Memory" or "Startup test" should be sufficient. Some tests can last for hours "burn-in tests"
  • replace your RAM or consult your manufacturers manual if you get error messages
  • if you get no errors: check other hardware e.g. hard disk


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