Unfortunately, I also faced the same problem. When entering, I gave an overestimation of the complexity of the problem, which at first seemed difficult, but it is very simple. If anyone finds a solution, I would ask them to comment.

Change rating stars in TechScreen

I just wanted to rate the relevance of a post with 3 stars, but it only shows one. Unfortunately I can not change this, does anyone know if I can change the false rating? I would also like to know if I can change a comment after it has been posted. Thanks in advance!

"Relevance" Button in TechScreen doesn't seem to work

No matter how many stars I select for "Relevance", it always says "You voted 1". Besides that, I don't understand how a level of expertise could measure a question's relevance for web engineering...


Using a semantic indexing service in Drupal

Submissions of users in the TechScreen system shall be indexed so that on one side content related to certain concepts can be found by users and on the other side these content related indices can be used to calculate technological competences of the user.
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