In order to provide Transport Layer Security (TLS), same as for its predecessor Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), it is not compulsory to use a digital certificate issued by one of the well-known (trusted) certification authorities (CA), in case when authentication of the server is not of a particular interest. The so-called self-signed certificate (i.e. an identity certificate signed by the same entity whose identity it should certify) is able to ensure that the connection is secure.

1) Generate self-signed certificate, depending on the particular server environment (e.g. using keytool).
2) Configure the server to serve the requests over HTTPS.
3) Inform the client about the need to whitelist the self-signed certificate.

Model Encryption in Laravel

Sometimes it is desired to store certain model data with encryption. The goal is to have the model class automatically encrypt when data is saved and decrypt when it is queried. It should be possible to have different encryption/decrpytion keys.
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