Spring boot: starting a camunda process

For a project we had to develop a spring boot webservice including the camunda rest engine to controll the process. When including and starting the camunda process by the autowired capablity we had the problem the just a empty process was launched, not using our deployed process definition. Solution: To tackle this problem we used spring boots EventLister annoation to know when the application had fully deployed the process and then starting it. @EventListener public void processPostDeploy(PostDeployEvent event) { instance = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("Process"); //.. }

Camunda framework provides possibility to configure service call from model directly, what reduces amount of code.

1. Create service task in BPMN modeler
2. Open Properties Panel
3. Configure Connector: Connector Id, Input and Output parameters (of your service), add Script as Output parameter in case it‘s necessary
4. Use process model in your application with BPMN engine as usually.

Configure service call from BPMN model (Camunda framework)

BPMN uses graphical representation of business processes. Some parts of business process can use web-services. In this case it is necessary to configure web service call.
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