Efficient and user-friendly email entry field

I am working with React and want a system that allows users to enter multiple emails without too much overhead. The system should create new textboxes automatically as old ones are filled in, and delete text boxes in case they are empty. The users should also be able to paste a list of emails into a textbox, which would be properly parsed and split into multiple textboxes. Additionally, the entered addresses should be verified to make sure that they are valid on the client-side. What would be the best design for such a system?


Validate an Email address

It's a common task to integrate email addresses to a web application. But how do we check them? How to make sure it's a valid Email Address? On which level?

PHP's mail() vs PHPMailer

As I had to build an online platform that started as a very small project, I was not concerned with using anything other than PHP's built in mail() function to send simple e-mails to the users - and it worked great! However, as the platform got larger, the requirements got larger too. Before long I was messing around with headers in the php mail() function to include attachments in e-mails etc. Turns out, adding the PHPMailer functionality makes the whole process a lot cleaner and easier to maintain as the project grows. By a simple function addAttachment($attachment) you hide the complexity and it even solved additional problems with ascii codings in mails. So if you have any idea that a project grows, think about planning ahead using a tested library. It would have saved me quite some trouble.
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