Block undesirable websites and pop-ups on Google Chrome

While surfing on some sites, you can be overwhelmed with pop-up pages of advertisement and publicity and some of them can sometimes hurt a user’s feelings, children using their laptops for example or just people not wanting to receive those advertisements. In order to get rid of those pop-up pages and publicity, you can install an add-block extension by going to the Chrome Web store, extensions, and typing block websites on the research field. You can then choose the blocker that suits you the most and add it to Chrome. The most used one is still AdBlock and work efficiently.

It should be stated, that when Adblocker is installed, it will block also the content of some websites. But it is still possible to prevent sites from detecting the usage of an Adblocker.


Pop ups are not always bad. Some online banking websites and other legitimite web sites still use pop ups and therefore it is not a very good idea to block all pop ups. Instead a possible solution is to use adblock like suggested before.


Another solution to not see those ads is to use an adblocker like suggested here

Adblocks don't fully block facebook ads. To block unecessary facebook clutter, I suggest FB purity. It enables to customize facebook and remove facebook ads.


First a Script Manager has to be downloaded. Since I am using Firefox, I have installed Greasemonkey.
Than I needed to subscribe to an Anti-Adblock Killer list and install a UserScript. This prevents the detection of the ad blocker by the browser and allows it for the user to see the web site content, although the add blocker is still activated.

Adblocker blocks Webpage content

More and more websites are asking (or sometimes requiring) visitors to turn off ad blockers before allowing them to view the site's contents. It's sometimes possible to prevent sites from detecting the usage of an ad blocker (e.g. turn off JavaScript). But doing so can cause parts of the site to stop working. I want to get to the site's content without having to turn off the Adblocker.
Subscribe to Adblock