Getting the SMS.db from your iPhone

The first requirement is that you have a jailbroken iPhone.
Through the app Cydia one has to download the app OpenSSH.
After downloading the required software you have to establish a connection between your computer and your iPhone so you can open the ssh connection.
In this solution both are members of a secure WLAN. (iPhone IP in this example:
The standard login credentials for the ssh-access are usename 'root' and password 'alpine'.
The SMS archive is stored as '/var/root/Library/SMS/sms.db'.
If you just want to copy the database you can use this one-liner:
>scp root@ /home/user/
After entering the password the transfer should start.
If you want to browse the filesystem you can do this by connecting with ssh:
>ssh root@
After entering the password you should be able to access the filesystem.

If you have an application to view sqlite3 databases you can start browsing the archive.
>sqlite3 SMS.db
>.tables (shows the tables in the database)
>.schema message (shows the schema with all the triggers of the table message)
>SELECT * FROM message ORDER BY `date` DESC; (lists all saved messages ordered by the date in descending order)


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